What is Omnicoin?

Omnicoin is an experiment in the creation, implementation, and integration of a cryptocurrency with MyBB community software in mind. Originally created by a member of HackForums.net it's grown beyond that initial ideal and has moved into a wider realm of possibility. With a new launch of version 2 (OMCv2), a new team, and renewed focus Omnicoin promises to gain ground which no other crypto currency has tread.


Released in April 2014 Omnicoin has quickly gained a steady foothold into the cryptocurrency world. Get your wallet today and begin your entry into OMC.



Omnicoin is working hard to become widely accepted at various services like exchanges and payment centers. If you're interested with integration into your community contact us.



Omnicoin is forked from Leafcoin, which was forked from Litecoin. It has all the same security standards as Litecoin and it is just as secure as any alt-coin.


Ready? Start using Omnicoin today!

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